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Distibution Strategies Habib Jewel

Many businesses feel that practising good business ethics is costly and unnecessary to become a profitable operation. The practice of business ethics is not cost nor is it a disadvantages waste of time. On the contrary, business ethics is good for business and is essential for the good reputation of a country. Business ethics also create an environment based on trust and make economic transaction predictable for producers and consumers.Business ethics can be define as the study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues, such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities. Business ethics are often guided by law, while other times provide basic framework that businesses may choose to follow in order to gain public acceptance. Basically, business ethics are implemented in order to ensure that a certain required level of trust exist between consumers and various forms to of market participants with businesses.Besides ethics, code of ethics also is the important part in good business ethics that can be applied in organization. Code of ethics can be defined as a guide of principles designed to help professionals conduct business honestly and with integrity. A code of ethics document may outline the mission and values of the business or organization, how professionals are supposed to approach problems, the ethical principles based on the organization‘s core values and the standards to which the professional will be held.In order to complete this individual assignment, I was appointed to interview one of the staff of UiTM to get information regarding the issues which is â€Å"why good ethics is a good business in Strategic Management†. The person that I had interview is Miss Rohani Ismail, an assistant registrar of Academic Affairs (HEA) at UiTM, Terengganu. For the interview that I have conducted, some questions were submitted reg arding this ethics issues in order to know work ethics applied in UiTM.The first question that I asked is to know her opinion about the work ethic applied at HEA department, either it fulfil its code of ethics in UiTM and she said that work ethic at UiTM has its own value and even UiTM have the same code of ethics practiced in every department, but there is a different work ethic that is practiced in all department depend on the attitude of the individual. As example, the actual regulation did not state how long to rest or go out to eat, but there are some workers use to get out of the office by using that reason.She said, as workers we need to understand there are responsibilities that must be performed on our job and the individual should understand their actions whether to break the rules or not. Next is in term of managing the office, if there are mistakes made by other staff, what actions she did in order to correct those mistakes and she tell that she will look at the types of mistakes if it is related to the work performed, she will criticize directly in front of all the staff.This action is not the intention to embarrassing that staff but in order to teach other staff so that they will not make same mistake in the future and basically the critics is done politely. Furthermore, I also asked her in term of managing the office at HEA department or UiTM management is there bias or favouritism occurs between boss and staff. She just informed that there is no bias or favouritism practised in UiTM or any department in UiTM because they will accept any best ideas from their staff even they just subordinate staff.Bribery is one of the bad ethic that now widely practiced in most of the organization and this issues had been asked to her to get her opinion and at the same time to know either it happen in UiTM or not. Miss Rohani said that according on her experience working with UiTM for 15 years; she has heard the bribery issues only once when she served in the s tudent intake department at UiTM Shah Alam.The bribery issue is known only through conversations among staff that bribery happen in the admission process. For example, the old system of student intake is using application of OMR form that need to be sent in the envelope and one case happen when she received the envelope of OMR form with the amount of money. She just thought that there is bribery element and she takes an action by sending back the money to the mailing address of the envelope in order to avoid the bribery case.After that case, she never heard any case of bribery that related with UiTM. In term of social policy, she said that based on her experience UiTM are doing social policy through academic mission which if there is external event that inviting UiTM for giving speech or talks, UiTM will readily available and there is also commitment from UiTM towards this academic mission by opening booth for attracting peoples.I also asked her about her satisfaction towards code o f ethics and social policy at UiTM, whether it need to be improved or not and she just give it own opinion that she just follow the code of ethics provide by UiTM because she said that people who make such a policy is the expert, so why should not satisfied with the policy as long as it is good for everyone. Besides that, in term of love affairs she inform that there is love affair going on among the staff at UiTM and she had no problem about it because based on her evaluation on this issue through her work experience, it never interfere with the performance of work among her staff.She also thinks that love affair helps in facilitate in terms of increased job performance because there are many staff who have long-distance love affair affect the job performance. Miss Rohani also did not deny that a love affair in the workplace can also have a negative impact if they do not have limits. In some organization, there is some case that occurs related to sexual harassments among staff and I asked her in order to know whether this issue ever happened in UiTM. Miss Rohani told me that she had experienced towards this sexual harassment issue but only a minor annoyance that oriented jokes.Although this may be just a joke, but she use a hard warning to the perpetrator to prevent a similar incident happening again and so far she is not experienced it anymore. To close the interview, I asked her opinion on why good ethics is important in the work ethic especially in UiTM and she just give simple answer by saying as a Muslims, people should follow the principles that have been applied through the principles of Islam that can guide people to always be responsible for performing any work with the right guidance and teaching people in a particularly good attitude in complying with work that had been stated.

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The Worlds Most Ethical Companies

The Worlds Most Ethical Companies Introduction Business ethics constitutes how organizations relate to their internal and external environments. The ethical climate therefore touches on things like working environment, safety of the employees, care and conservation of the environment and practices which promote the interests of the consumers.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The World’s Most Ethical Companies specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Ethical conduct of corporations is also intertwined with what is referred to as corporate social responsibility. This concept is generally used to refer to the relationship between businesses and their environment. All businesses operate in social, political and economic environments. The concept therefore takes into account how businesses interact with these environments, either positively or negatively. The topic of corporate social responsibility can be broken down into four main components namely the et hical, economic, philanthropic and legal components (Aras Crowther, 2010). This paper is based on the topic of business ethics. It looks into the topic through analysis of a single company selected from the database of the world’s most ethical companies. Key issues which are discussed include how the company behaves in a morally responsible manner towards its consumers, employees and the environment. Other issues which are discussed include how the morally responsible behavior can affect the company’s bottom line as well as recommendations on how the company can improve its policies to enhance its relationship with the consumers, employees and the environment. The paper is based on various academic readings about the topic of business ethics. The company under focus in the paper is the National Australia Bank (NAB). The bank’s main products include consumer banking, wholesale banking, business banking, insurance and wealth management (Murray, Poole Jones, 2006 ). The consumers of the bank include individual bankers, private and public institutions, businesses and community groups. According to the bank’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Clyne Cameron, the bank’s strategic policy is aimed at putting the customers at the center in all operations to ensure that they realize their full potential.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More How NAB behaves in a morally responsible way towards consumers One way in which the bank behaves in a morally responsible manner towards its consumers is through the provision of quality services at fair prices. The bank also aims at having a relationship with consumers which is based on the principles of advice, guidance and help. The provision of quality services to consumers reflects a morally responsible behavior because it ensures that consumers are protected from any form of unfair trea tment such as fraud, exploitation and poor services. The other way in which the bank behaves in a morally responsible manner towards its consumers is through building prosperous communities. The bank believes that prosperous communities are based on prosperous economy and that is why it helps the communities to flourish by investing in industries and organizations which bring people together in groups for economic prosperity. Such groups are financed by the bank to tackle various issues such as social inclusion and education. Through its micro finance scheme, the bank provides loans to the groups at very affordable rates so as to enable them start or strengthen their business enterprises. In 2004, the bank launched a customer relationship management system which made it win the Cap Gemini financial innovations award in 2006. It also launched what it referred to as Ubank, a system which provides customers with an option of transacting business online with the aim of making them more satisfied by accessing banking services right at their homes or any other places of their convenience.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The World’s Most Ethical Companies specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More How NAB behaves in a morally responsible way towards the environment In regard to the environment, the bank has established very clear guidelines in form of a policy which outlines its relationship to the environment. One way in which the bank behaves in a morally responsible manner towards the environment is through compliance with all laws and regulations which are put in place to protect the environment. For instance, it takes the necessary actions to ensure that its operations do not negatively affect the environment either directly or indirectly. Such a policy is a pointer of a morally responsible behavior because environmental pollution by corporates affects the health of the consumers. Having a clean en vironment ensures that the consumers enjoy a healthy environment and lead a healthy life. The bank also invests in providing its customers with services and products which help them understand their environmental challenges and how to mitigate risks associated with the environment. The bank uses this approach because it believes that for sustainability purposes, it must capacity build the customers to enable them understand their environment and take good care of it. How NAB behaves in a morally responsible way towards employees In regard to the relationship between the bank and its employees, the bank has a policy in form of employee code of conduct. The policy is guided by the principle that all employees should be treated fairly and accorded the dignity and respect which they deserve. This policy reflects a morally responsible behavior because the respect of employees is central to the success of any organization. Treating employees with respect and dignity not only makes them mo tivated but also enables them get the intrinsic value of work.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The bank also embraces the concepts of cultural diversity and gender sensitivity in its employment policy. It does this by ensuring that employees are not discriminated based on race, gender or color. The policy has seen many women rise to the top positions of leadership of the bank. The bank also ensures that employees are trained from time to time so as to enhance their capacity to discharge their duties. The training is part of the bank’s initiative to ensure that the customers get quality services at any given time. Training of employees is a morally responsible behavior because it not only improves the quality of services but also makes employees grow in their career. Such training is also important for the employees because once they leave the company, it serves as an asset by giving them a competitive edge over other job seekers thus increasing their probability of being employed in other companies. Effects of these morally conscious decisions on NAB’s bottom li ne If the bank keeps the spirit of treating employees with dignity, taking care of the environment and providing quality services to customers, it has a potential of increased growth which may see it open more branches in other countries. The fact that the bank has a policy which ensures that there are no discriminations based on gender and race can make it the preferred employer of many qualified employees. The nondiscrimination policy can also attract talented employees who like working in reputable and respectable organizations. Having talented and highly qualified personnel would inspire innovation which would trigger growth and expansion thus giving the bank a competitive edge over its competitors. Review of NAB’s policies from a critical perspective Towards consumers One area where the bank needs to improve its policy on consumers is in regard to the number of staff in its branches. According to the naked office website, it is claimed that the bank places a lot of empha sis on cutting costs (Naked office, 2014). This makes it have few employees in the branches to serve the constant or increasing number of customers. The employees therefore feel overworked without any additional compensation which is a form of exploitation. For the bank to make its customers more satisfied, there is need to recruit more employees to ensure that customers are served without delays. If it is not able to increase the number of employees, it needs to ensure that the employees are paid overtime so as to motivate them. The bank also needs to improve the efficiency of its online accounts so that customers using them are able to enjoy faster and reliable online services. There are claims that the banks online systems are sometimes very slow which is very embarrassing to the customers. Towards the environment In regard to its relationship with its environment, the bank needs to allocate more funds to environmental conservation. There is no evidence of significant activities which the bank undertakes to conserve the environment. It needs for example to contribute towards the management of greenhouse gases which cause global warming. It can also partner with other governmental and non governmental organizations to launch comprehensive environmental conservation programs both at the national and international platform. The bank needs to not only educate its customers on environmental management but also all members of the community where it has operations. This would ensure that it reaches as many people as possible thus increasing the impact of its efforts towards environmental conservation. Towards employees According to the naked office website, the bank has been accused of having poorly trained and inexperienced personnel at top leadership positions (Naked office, 2014). While it pays attention to the training of other staff, it has neglected the training and capacity building of its leaders and therefore, there is need for change so that it can have leaders who are not only experienced but also visionary and well equipped with the necessary skills and techniques of leadership. Such leadership would ensure that the bank comes up with strategic business decisions which would propel it towards excellence. The bank needs to as well scale up its employee motivation efforts by introducing more employee motivation programs and policies such as sponsorship programs for employees to further their studies, provision of retirement benefits, medical scheme for the workers and promotions based on merit. Conclusion The National Bank of Australia is one of the companies listed in the data base of the world’s most ethical companies. The bank behaves in a morally responsible manner towards consumers, the environment and employees through policies and guidelines which govern its business strategy and operations. It ensures that the consumers are provided with high quality services at affordable prices at any given time. It also has polici es which require employees to be treated with respect and dignity as a way of motivating them to be more productive. In regard to the environment, the bank provides its customers with information on environmental risks and how to mitigate them. These morally conscious policies have the potential of increasing the competitiveness of the bank in the banking industry, attracting talented employees and increasing innovativeness. However, the bank can do better through deployment of more staff, payment of overtime for the employees and provision of employees with more benefits for them to become more productive. It also needs to partner with other organizations to launch comprehensive environmental conservation programs as a way of scaling up its efforts towards environmental conservation. References Aras, G., Crowther, D. (2010). A handbook of corporate governance and social responsibility corporate social responsibility series. Farnham GU9 7PT: Gower Publishing, Ltd. Murray, P., Poole , D., Jones, G. (2006). Contemporary issues in management and organizational behavior. South Melbourne, Vic.: Thomson Learning. Naked office. (2014). NAB (National Australia Bank). Web.

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The Worlds 14 Most Haunted Cemeteries

The World's 14 Most Haunted Cemeteries Cemeteries around the world have gained a reputation for being haunted by ghosts for many reasons, including grave robbery, unmarked or forgotten burials, natural disasters that disturb resting places, or sometimes even because the deceased was not properly buried at all. Add all of that to the fact that graveyards are often dark, somber places and youve got the perfect setting for a ghost or two. Come explore some of the worlds most haunted cemeteries...but dont forget to hold your breath as you drive by, or you might breathe in the spirit of someone who has recently died! St. Louis Cemetery No. 1New Orleans, Louisiana Multiple ghosts are said to haunt the famous St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans, but one ghost dominates the others - Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. The ornate cemetery is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans - a place of ornate above-ground tombs and mausoleums, winding footpaths and crumbling memorials. Old Western Burial GroundBaltimore, Maryland The Old Western Burial Ground in Baltimore is the final resting place of Edgar Allan Poe, fifteen generals from the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, and other famous individuals. Part of the graveyard can now only be accessed by way of catacombs below Westminster Presbyterian Church where ghosts are said to walk... Resurrection CemeteryChicago, Illinois One of Americas favorite ghost stories is the tale of the vanishing hitchhiker, Resurrection Mary. Resurrection Cemetery, located in Justice, Illinois, has been home to this famous spirit since the 1930s. The famous burned and twisted bars at the gate of Resurrection Cemetery were removed to discourage onlookers Rookwood CemeterySydney, Australia Close to one million people lie in the beautiful, Victorian Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney, but it is the grave of the notorious Davenport Brothers, famous spiritualists, that is said to attract ghosts to the necropolis. Stull CemeteryStull, Kansas The quiet Stull Cemetery located between Topeka and Kansas City, in the town of Stull, Kansas, is listed by many haunting guides as one of the Seven Portals to Hell and one of the most haunted cemeteries in America. Steven Jansen, director of the Watkins Community Museum of History thinks the legends started as a fraternity prank in the 1970s, however, and have no basis in truth. The locals do their best to deter visitors on Halloween due to repeated vandalism in the cemetery, and it is even said that a local knocked down the burned-out church on the property - site of the supposed gateway to hell. Paris Catacombs  Paris, France Listed by many among the worlds most haunted places, the Paris Catacombs,  buried deep beneath the streets of Paris, hold the bones of over six million French dead, interred in the empty limestone quarries from 1785 through the 1800s. With so many bones stacked up everywhere you look, it seems impossible to believe that ghosts dont exist. Bachelors Grove Cemetery Chicago, IllinoisThis abandoned Chicago burial ground is the subject of numerous legends and ghostly tales. More than 100 different reports of strange phenomena at Bachelors Grove Cemetery have been collected, including actual apparitions, unexplained sights and sounds, and even glowing balls of light. El Campo Santo Cemetery San Diego, CaliforniaThe now-restored 1849 Roman Catholic burial ground known as El Campo Santo Cemetery  is a popular place for ghost sightings. Some of the graves here were covered over by a street, and others have been desecrated over the years, reportedly leaving the residents restless. Greenwood Cemetery Decatur, IllinoisOne of the most famous haunted cemeteries in the midwest, Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois, is the site of numerous ghost stories and legends. The Civil War section is the most famous, said to be haunted by the ghosts of Confederate prisoners. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Los Angeles, CaliforniaFormerly known as Hollywood Memorial Park, this Los Angeles, California, cemetery to the stars is reportedly haunted by starlet Virginia Rappe, who allegedly died after a night of debauchery with comedian Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle. Clifton Webb is also reported to haunt his mausoleum at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and a Lady in Black is often seen in front of Rudolph Valentinos crypt. Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery Columbus, OhioFresh flowers often mysteriously appear on the grave of a Confederate soldier who is buried at Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, believed to have been left behind by the famous Lady in Gray, The ghostly widow, who has been seen walking among the tombstones, lost her husband at the ​Confederate prison camp which existed on this spot during the Civil War. Silver Cliff Cemetery Silver Cliff, ColoradoGhost sightings in the haunted Silver Cliff Cemetery date back to the 1880s. Ghosts of pioneers are believed to be the cause of the blue balls of light that float over the graves. Stepp Cemetery Bloomington, IndianaA number of eerie legends and tales of paranormal activity have arisen from Stepp Cemetery, one of the most famous haunted cemeteries in the state of Indiana. The story is always a ghostly woman sitting watch over a gravesite, but the origins of the woman and her story seem to vary with each teller of the tale. Union Cemetery   Easton, ConnecticutA favorite cemetery for ghost photographers, Union Cemetery is most famous for the White Lady who has been seen by many walking through the cemetery at night. Other ghosts, including Indian spirits, are also said to haunt the graveyard.

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Cryogenics Definition and Uses

Cryogenics Definition and Uses Cryogenics is defined as the scientific study of materials and their behavior at extremely low temperatures. The word comes from the Greek cryo, which means cold, and genic, which means producing. The term is usually encountered in the context of physics, materials science, and  medicine. A scientists who studies cryogenics is called a cryogenicist. A cryogenic material may be termed a cryogen. Although cold temperatures may be reported using any temperature scale, the Kelvin and Rankine scales are most common because they are absolute scales that have positive numbers. Exactly how cold a substance has to be to be considered cryogenic is a matter of some debate by the scientific community. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) considers cryogenics to include temperatures below  Ã¢Ë†â€™180  °C (93.15 K; −292.00  °F), which is a temperature above which common refrigerants (e.g., hydrogen sulfide, freon) are gases and below which permanent gases (e.g., air, nitrogen, oxygen, neon, hydrogen, helium) are liquids. There is also a field of study called high temperature cryogenics, which involves temperatures above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen at ordinary pressure (−195.79  °C (77.36 K; −320.42  °F), up to −50  °C (223.15 K; −58.00  °F). Measuring the temperature of cryogens requires special sensors. Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) are used to take temperature measurements as low as 30 K. Below 30 K, silicon diodes are often used. Cryogenic particle detectors are sensors that operate a few degrees above absolute zero and are used to detect photons and elementary particles. Cryogenic liquids are typically stored in devices called Dewar flasks. These are double-walled containers that have a vacuum between the walls for insulation. Dewar flasks intended for use with extremely cold liquids (e.g., liquid helium) have an additional insulating container filled with liquid nitrogen. Dewar flasks are named for their inventor, James Dewar. The flasks allow gas to escape the container to prevent pressure buildup from boiling that could lead to an explosion. Cryogenic Fluids The following fluids are most often used in cryogenics: Fluid Boiling Point (K) Helium-3 3.19 Helium-4 4.214 Hydrogen 20.27 Neon 27.09 Nitrogen 77.36 Air 78.8 Fluorine 85.24 Argon 87.24 Oxygen 90.18 Methane 111.7 Uses of Cryogenics There are several applications of cryogenics. It is used to produce cryogenic fuels for rockets, including liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen (LOX). The strong electromagnetic fields needed for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) are usually produced by supercooling electromagnets with cryogens. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an application of NMR that uses liquid helium. Infrared cameras frequently require cryogenic cooling. Cryogenic freezing of food is used to transport or store large quantities of food. Liquid nitrogen is used to produce fog for special effects and even specialty cocktails and food. Freezing materials using cryogens can make them brittle enough to be broken into small pieces for recycling. Cryogenic temperatures are used to store tissue and blood specimens and to preserve experimental samples. Cryogenic cooling of superconductors may be used to increase electric power transmission for big cities. Cryogenic processing is used as part of some alloy treatments and to facilitate low temperature chemical reactions (e.g., to make statin drugs). Cryomilling is used to mill materials that may be too soft or elastic to be milled at ordinary temperatures. Cooling of molecules (down to hundreds of nano Kelvins) may be used to form exotic states of matter. The Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) is an instrument designed for use in microgravity to form Bose Einstein condensates (around 1 pico Kelvin temperature) and test laws of quantum mechanics and other physics principles. Cryogenic Disciplines Cryogenics is a broad field that encompasses several disciplines, including: Cryonics - Cryonics is the cryopreservation of animals and humans with the goal of reviving them in the future. Cryosurgery - This is a branch of surgery in which cryogenic temperatures are used to kill unwanted or malignant tissues, such as cancer cells or moles. Cryoelectronics - This is the study of superconductivity, variable-range hopping, and other electronic phenomena at low temperature. The practical application of cryoelectronics is called cryotronics. Cryobiology - This is the study of the effects of low temperatures on organisms, including the preservation of organisms, tissue, and genetic material using cryopreservation. Cryogenics Fun Fact While cryogenics usually involves temperature below the freezing point of liquid nitrogen yet above that of absolute zero, researchers have achieved temperatures below absolute zero (so-called negative Kelvin temperatures). In 2013 Ulrich Schneider at the University of Munich (Germany) cooled gas below absolute zero, which reportedly made it hotter instead of colder! Sources Braun, S., Ronzheimer, J. P., Schreiber, M., Hodgman, S. S., Rom, T., Bloch, I., Schneider, U. (2013) Negative Absolute Temperature for Motional Degrees of Freedom.  Science  339,  52–55.Gantz, Carroll (2015). Refrigeration: A History. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland Company, Inc. p. 227. ISBN 978-0-7864-7687-9.  Nash, J. M.  (1991) Vortex Expansion Devices for High Temperature Cryogenics. Proc. of the 26th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, Vol. 4, pp. 521–525.

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Strategic Recommendations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Strategic Recommendations - Research Paper Example Members are assisted in order to achieve their purposes and goals but they are also required to adhere to the AFP code of ethical fundraising. Programs that advocate for social and cultural diversity among members and leaders are implemented by AFP which fosters international cooperation. Conducting research and presenting the findings is another mission of AFP as well as provision of reliable certification to fundraising professionals (AFP, 2006). According to AFP (2006), the organization bases all its principles on the professional code of ethical standards which are strictly adhered to. The organization encourages people to volunteer, offer support or gives donations to the non-profit making organization that improve the quality of life and living standards of the community members. AFP and the philanthropic sector are directly tied. Community members are empowered through AFP’s activities of promoting professional services in philanthropy and fundraising. AFP members are a lso involved in most charitable organizations which offer solutions in difficult medical problems, support children programs, serve victims in disasters, ensure good care for the environment and animals and also support education and art. AFP stakeholders behind its success are the members, donors, local and international chapters, volunteers, employees, directors and professionals that ensure that the organization meets the set goals. As stated in the official AFP website, the creation of a new AFP Strategic Partners Program was to enable the organization partner with other leading organizations to support the profession and advance effective ethical fundraising. Visa and Blackbaud are among the current AFP strategic partners that offer assistance to the organization’s initiative (AFP, 2006). Summary of Project 1 Evaluation Findings The most active program in the Association of Fundraising Professionals is the Professional Development Program. In the AFP 2011-2013 strategic plan major priority has been given to the strategic partnership and international growth development. The strategic partnership however allows a limited number of 8 partners per year. AFP allows these partners to offer assistance in areas that benefits its members such as education, enabling the organization to cut on cost and channel the resources to other critical areas (Sheehan, 2010). The 7 measures of success for the association of fundraising professionals in a project are very crucial for AFP. With the current economic challenges, the non-profit sector has become more complex and very competitive in terms of funds acquisition and donors/ volunteers. The organization has for this reason developed a strategic plan to address sectors such as education, services offered by members, ethical fundraising, finance and organizational relationships. AFP approaches issues of accountability and management by providing their members with tools to analyze the budgets and ensure efficient a llocation of the limited funds. The interaction between the organization and the customer enhances good relationships that are encouraged through training, open communications through blogs, discussion groups and conferences. In the alignment of products and services with mission, AFP has developed products and services that meet customer needs in accordance to the organi

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Disability in South Africa is viewed as a medical problem Critically Essay

Disability in South Africa is viewed as a medical problem Critically analyse this statement - Essay Example South Africa can be considered as one of the fastest growing economies around the globe. This country can be considered as one of the leading emerging nations in this world. The people of South Africa are getting basic necessities ensured by the government of the country. But, still the country is suffering from growing disability index. It has become a serious problem. South Africa is the largest economy with positive social growth rate among all the African nations. But, the country is suffering from these types of health and welfare related issues. In maximum cases, it has been identified that medical issues are responsible for disability in human beings. It is true that government of South Africa has developed several non-profit organizations in order to overcome these issues. But, lack of integrity and awareness programmes affected the campaign. Most importantly, it has become a medical problem of the country. This essay will critically discuss and analyze this issue. The disability in South Africa is supposed to be bounded and bordered by prejudice and stigma. The disability issues within welfare and health structure led to a failure of incorporating disability into conventional statistical process of government. In the year 1996, Census stated that elder people have high rate of disability with over 50 percentages in compare to 1.5 percentages of children. This is primarily due to the fact that respondents lack effective studies to detect occurrence of disability issues within children. The efficiency of healthcare system and effectiveness of political, social and economic conditions can influence the rate of people with disabilities. The lack of effective healthcare system has been prime cause for high rate of disability in South Africa. Under the backing of financial and community services in independent and Bantustans states, severe was

A critical evaluation of the methodology approach contained within a Assignment

A critical evaluation of the methodology approach contained within a journal article of student's own choosing( related to education) ---1000 words - Assignment Example The survey showed that schools welcomed the idea of partnership and collaboration with other organizations and individuals offering support services. However, they were not short of challenges as expected especially in engaging mainstream schools in collaboration concerning sharing facilities. The article has utilized an analytical approach to study the educational partnerships between schools and service providers. It has laid out the methods used to get the data and all those involved in details. It has also gone ahead and assessed the results of the findings enabling the author to inform the reader of the similarities across educational institutions in England. The article has also pointed out the advantages of partnerships and the challenges faced by the special schools in attaining their objectives. However, the author fails to offer informed solutions to the bottlenecks faced. Instead, she refers greatly to the Green Paper as a way out. Overall, the strengths of the article outweigh the weaknesses. In the research, only four institutions were interviewed. The author admits that small school faced most of the challenges due to their size. It would have been appropriate to interview two small schools and two large schools. This would have given a more realistic picture on the state of partnerships among schools (Rose, 2012). In the contrary, readers have a biased notion of the state of affairs among educational institutions in England due to the sampling method used in the research (Lawson, Waite, & Robertson, 2005). Therefore, the audience cannot tell the extent of the challenges faced by large special institutions. The purpose of a study is to gather facts, make assessments, and provide possible solutions based on the finding. This article does not provide much headway to reduce the challenges faced by the special institutions. In addition, the author does not provide convincing argument concerning organizations seek partnership. Unpredictably, the paper